Check Out The Romanian Security Project for Trending News and Programs

By: roman431
December 31, 2013 at 5:13 am

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Joining the Romanian Security Project at can mean the end to Internet misinformation for those concerned with security and many other issues created by the web and our information sharing capacity itself. This ongoing project has been providing all of the news and tools needed to keep up with what matters. If you have deep interest in how to manage your own Internet security, this is likely the best place to start.

Research Endless Possibilities with RsProject

While being a member of this elite forum already has its perks, there are many sources of information here that you will soon find you just can’t manage without. Reach into Announcements and News on RsProject and you quickly find updates posts, trending news in tools and events or activities, and more. If you are looking for the most recent news worth notice, this is the best place for you to continue the learning and research process.

Secrets of the Universe

If you want to delve into occult possibilities, probabilities and more, you will want to check out this interesting section of the site. Find cool discussions on the Illuminati and other cult secrets. Feel free to jump into the debate. However, as with all forums online, you will also want to do a bit of observing before jumping in. The usual method involves introducing yourself and that is almost always appreciated on forums online.

RSP Projects and Members

Read here to find out about the ongoing RSP projects. Take the time to do your own research into past projects and their effectiveness. You will also find a list of the newest RSP members here. So introduce yourself and you will find yourself added to the list.

Hack Programs, Tutorials and More

Keep on trucking through the forum and you will soon come to the section dedicated to tutorials, on everything from applications to specific coding, and on through to hack programs members may be sharing, or creating themselves. As always, be sure to protect your own machines from harm before downloading any material from the web. Another helpful section here is dedicated to security vulnerabilities. If you have any to share this is a great place to get started here.

Free Programs

If you are searching for the coolest of free programs, this section has many options available. Have something you want to share with other members? Feel free to upload it and be ready to foot questions about its stats. This is a super place to check out what’s new in programming.

PHP Scripts

You can never get enough PHP scripts. These scripts are useful for learning about hacking alternatives. These can include DoS, botnet or similar platforms, PHP and more. You will soon find this particular section is frequently updated and has the best of what is available on the web.

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