Skills manifested through the PSD to wordpress conversion service

By: ballyjames21
June 3, 2013 at 7:17 am

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PSD to wordpress, being a CMS (Content Management System) has a wider scope for further improvement and refinement. Being a CMS it can manage, update and publish the contents of the websites. Therefore the wordpress driven websites are expected to inherit all the features and functionalities of the wordpress. This is a blogging tool that connects people and communities all across the world. It is the place where comments are placed.

This paves the curiosity to know the detail base of wordpress driven website. Such technologies are better understood with the help of CSS4Me. The professionals at CSS4Me consider it as a blogging tool. Tracing to its foundation it is found that wordpress websites are made up of PHP as front end and MySQL as backend. Custom wordpress plugin avails the opportunity to make room for further features. CSS4Me executes the future scope of improvement by advocating that there should be a blogging tool that can be accessed by any browser and that can hold higher SEO rankings. This is why wordpress custom plugin is brought into action by the professionals of CSS4Me.

WordPress plugin development eases the scope for further inclusion of features. This is indeed demanded that if in the near future for the clients to get their requirements implemented. The time is to make productive comments from the extreme end or from the end users. A little insight into the procedures of wordpress theme development might meet your curiosity.

Owing to the limitations of Photoshop files the PSD files are sliced into several layers. Each layer is then coded with markup languages to offer it an aesthetic look and functionality to the website. The coded files are then integrated with the theme of the website so that wordpress theme integration takes place. This makes wordpress theme development and integration to be in full fledged state. Indeed the professionals at CSS4Me are competent enough to work upon wordpress theme development and integration. It is because of these factors that the company gets repeated clients all across the geographical boundaries.

The web designers and web programmers at CSS4Me are intrigued by every challenge like converting Photoshop to wordpress theme that comes on their way. It is the passion and obsession of CSS4Me to do brainstorming and extreme programming.

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