Zenjala Tea Company now offers a variety of tea-inspired gifts

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March 16, 2013 at 6:10 pm

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Since ancient times, tea has often been given as a gift to friends, relatives, and other people that matter. Zenjala Tea Company is proud to help continue this tradition with a line of tea-inspired gifts that can be delivered at any time of the year.

Tea is one of the world’s most delicate drinks. While some drinks can be enjoyed from nearly any container, the flavors present in tea are often affected by the container they’re poured in. With this in mind, Zenjala Tea Company now offers a variety of teapots and mugs designed to create the clearest taste possible. Zenjala’s glass teapots come in two sizes, holding up to six cups of tea for simultaneous brewing. All teapot variants include an infuser for removing the leaves to save them for another use.

However, as important as brewing is, most people don’t drink directly from the teapot. That’s why Zenjala also offers a variety of mugs, so guests can Buy Green Tea Online while simultaneously giving a way to drink it even on the go.

Outside of the physical containers for tea, Zenjala Tea Company is also proud to offer a diverse selection of the best white tea, green tea leaves, oolong black tea, and other tea varieties that can be given to others or enjoyed personally. Perhaps the greatest gift stocked is the flowering tea sampler. Best when used with a transparent teapot so the full effect can be seen, these teas unfurl as they are heated and bloom within the teapot to create a unique sight before the tea itself is enjoyed. The sampler includes two flowers each from four different varieties and is certain to please even a wide variety of personal preferences.

For those who would prefer to offer a somewhat more simple gift, Zenjala Tea Company offers a variety of flavorful blends that can be ordered individually or as part of a larger collection. Through its work as an online tea store, Zenjala has discovered many of the preferences that people have. Some prefer a light, subtle flavor in their drinks and often lean towards white or green teas. Others prefer bold, powerful flavors from the darker Oolong and Black tea varieties. Whatever a person’s preferences may be, Zenjala Tea Company caters to them with a selection of unique flavors designed to consistently appeal to the drinker.

Visitors have the option of looking for relatively common flavors, such as Lemon Citrus and Moroccan Mint, or they can search through a wide selection of unique, specialized blends. These include flavors like Champagne and Berries for wine-lovers, Hazelnut Vanilla, or any of our World Tea Champion winners like the Assam Reserve and Citrus Sorbet varieties.

Gifts are often valued based on the thoughtfulness and uniqueness of the blend. If you plan to give tea to someone for any reason at all, the teaware and flavors from Zenjala Tea Company can help ensure the best possible reception and the delivery of a drink that will be truly enjoyed in the weeks to come.

For more information please visit http://www.zenjala-tea-company.com/

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