The Law Offices of Jonathan Franklin help clients fight DUI penalties

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July 2, 2013 at 11:20 am

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Compared to many of the crimes and punishments that are listed on the books, DUI penalties seem like a small, simple matter. However, even the first penalties can have a huge impact on someones future, and the Law Offices of Jonathan Franklin are proud to offer help and support for clients who want to fight the penalties for DUI that they face.

As one of the most common cases that a court hears, the legal process for a DUI has become relatively streamlined. In fact, unless the officer writing up the charges did something extremely wrong, it’s very unlikely that the charges will be dismissed on any sort of procedural grounds. Depending on the circumstances, a Beverly Hills DUI Attorney employed as representation may be able to argue the case in front of a court.

Despite the relatively straightforward nature of most DUI cases, there are actually many circumstances that can have an effect on the penalties. For example, if a first-time offender is truly remorseful for their actions and committed to making a change in their life, the chances that the judge may be more lenient improve rather significantly. At the same time, there may be some additional circumstances in the case (such as a drunken hit and run) where the driver may not have realized they were breaking the law. Intentions are a very important detail in these sorts of cases, and if they can be proven to the satisfaction of the court, they will almost certainly have an impact.

In most cases, a first DUI can cost someone thousands of dollars, plus associated fees, the potential for jail time, and even the suspension of a driver’s license for several months (which won’t be doing any good for getting to work or otherwise getting on with life). However, a Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney may be able to negotiate this down to a reduced charge or even a dismissal in certain situations. It also may be possible to have the record of the crime expunged entirely so that it won’t affect someone’s ability to seek employment in the future.

The Law Offices of Jonathan Franklin aggressively defends DUIs and have successfully helped many clients obtain favorable results from their court hearings. Whether this is their first time or they’ve found themselves becoming a repeat offender, clients can trust that they’ll be getting quality representation and legal help that will examine all the details of a case to root out anything that was done incorrectly. With the impact a DUI can have on the future, getting a favorable outcome of a court case is more important than ever before.

Disclaimer: This press release is not intended as legal advice and should not be treated as such. Furthermore, an attorney cannot guarantee a particular result in a court case no matter how experienced or successful they are. Many legal cases are unique circumstances, and no attorney can provide expert counsel without first studying the facts of a case. If you wish to obtain legal counsel that is appropriate for your situation, contact a qualified attorney.

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