Los Angeles Officially the Worst in America for the Number of Hit and Run Vehicle Collisions

By: ingr79
February 28, 2013 at 11:40 am

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Two Los Angeles Council members have promised to take action amid news that Los Angeles has the highest rate of hit and runs in America. In Los Angeles, each year, up to 20,000 motorists flee the scene of an accident every year and around 4,000 of those people hit are injured or killed according to Councilman Bill Santano.

On Jan 9, Mr. Santano filed a motion to improve on efforts to cut down on these crimes and asked the Los Angeles Police Department to highlight current procedures in place, aimed at at stopping hit and run crimes and he is supported by Councilman Ray Johnson who said,

“We have to toughen our laws.”

Ray believes a good strategy would be the mandatory impounding of vehicles involved in these hit and run crimes.

In America, nationwide, around 11% of collisions involve a driver that fails to stop after the collision, however, shockingly Los Angeles drivers fail to stop in 48% of reported accidents. One such case involved a young student being hit while on his way to school,

“All I remember was hitting the sidewalk and I blacked out,” said the 18 year-old Sam Bernstein who is the son of NBC4′S Nancy Smith. Once again, the driver of the white Honda minivan drove away without stopping.

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