Leandra’s Law to be strengthened in Order to Help Prevent DWI Offenders from Driving Drunk Again

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March 4, 2013 at 1:31 pm

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In 2009, Leandra’s Law was passed after the tragic death of 11 year-old Leandra Rosado who was killed while riding in the car with her mother’s drunken friend. The Law States that anyone caught driving drunk with a passenger aged 15 and under shall be charged with a Class E felony. Included with the legislation was the ignition interlock law which required DWI offenders to have an ignition interlock device installed to prevent them from driving drunk, however, too many drivers have found ways around this.
Despite the law, many DWI offenders are able to get around the requirement by claiming they don’t own a vehicle, and instead use a vehicle which is registered under someone else’s name until the ignition interlock requirement period has expired.
According to statistics gathered recently by the New York State Department of Criminal Justice Services, over 70% of the 37,000 DWI offenders statewide who were by law required to install an Ignition interlock did not do so.
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