At a Time When DWIs are steadily increasing in Harris County, Houston, The Martinez Law Firm is on Ready to Help Anyone that has been arrested

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January 8, 2013 at 3:00 pm

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According to an article in the Houston Chronicle, more than 130 accidents, six of them fatalities, occurred in Harris County, Houston during the Christmas period of 2011. In addition to those shocking statistics, the Harris County District Clerks office records show that there were 450 DWI arrests made between Dec 20th and New Year’s Day of that year. With such high figures and increasingly busy roads in Houston, The Martinez Law Firm has its work cut out for it, defending DWI offenders in 2013.

Headed by the highly experienced and well respected Houston DWI attorney Herman Martinez, The Martinez Law Firm is in good hands and as a result is quickly becoming one of the top law firms in Harris County, Houston in regards to dealing with DWI cases. With Houston having the highest rate of DWI involved fatalities in America, it is clear that The Martinez Law Firm will be kept busy with DWI clients in 2013.

A criminal defense lawyer for over 16 years since first starting out in 1996, Herman Martinez has become one of the most respected and sought after Houston criminal defense lawyers in Harris County. His rise to the top has been noticed by Texas publication, H-Texas magazine which has named him as one of the top lawyers in Houston four years in a row.

Having worked in the Harris County, Texas courts for over 16 years, Herman Martinez is very well-known and respected by the judges meaning his opinion carries a lot of weight. However, this isn’t what makes him and The Martinez Law Firm so unique. Herman Martinez has a rare blend of experience which lends his law firm an edge over similar firms.

What makes The Martinez Law Firm so unique is Herman Martinez’ invaluable experience as Chief prosecutor for the Harris County District’s office coupled with his 16 years as a Houston criminal defense lawyer along with recently being appointed an Associate Judge for the City of Houston. As a result of having the rare advantage of understanding all sides of the law, he is right up there with the best Houston DWI attorneys. With the number of DWI cases increasing recently, The Martinez Law Firm under Herman Martinez’ will play a big part in the successful defense of anyone arrested for DWI in 2013.

Based in Harris County, Houston, The Martinez Law Firm has risen up the ranks to become one of the leading law firms in Houston, Texas and can provide much needed relief for DWI offenders throughout 2013.

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