When The Cutty Sark needs Bird & Pest Control, NBC gets things ship-shape

By: ertty56
May 18, 2013 at 4:14 pm

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The Cutty Sark is surely one of the most famous ships in the world. When it was first launched back in 1869, this graceful vessel was to quickly become the most renowned tea clipper ever to be built, with a vast area of sail that made it the fastest vessel to use on the long voyage between Britain and all the highly profitable Chinese tea we were already importing back then. These days, of course, the ship is internationally celebrated as a much appreciated tourist attraction, moored at Greenwich, an elegant reminder of our rich, maritime history.

“It really is so interesting for me and my team to ponder just how many varieties of birds and pests the Cutty Sark and all its crews had to contend with during the 86 years that it roamed the oceans of the world,” says Steve Dale, area manager for NBC Bird & Pest Control South London, a regular visitor to the ship for both personal and professional reasons.

“There would have been rats on board, for sure,” says Steve, “as well as all sorts of exotic creatures picked up along the way, possibly including the Bombay Runner, a large cockroach from the Indian Ocean. And even really big spiders that may not have been seen in the UK before, such as the Bird Tarantula.”

All the exotica hailing from distant lands may now be long gone, but local bird and pest problems still pose problems for The Cutty Sark in its current incarnation. Which is why the operators bring in NBC Bird & Pest Control, whose efficient yet ethical approach and unrivalled expertise ensure that the situation is managed in ways that meet all legal and moral requirements.

The Cutty Sark is a living museum which more than 13 million visitors from just about every nation on earth have enjoyed since it opened. Cleanliness and hygiene are naturally of paramount concern, particularly in the ship’s restaurant and food preparation areas. There are seagulls, pigeons, starlings to contend with, as well as the constant need to keep rodents and other insects at bay. One of the perpetual problems the team faces is providing solutions that will keep gulls out of the rigging – tourists don’t take kindly to white splats suddenly appearing on their clothing or even worse, their head!

“We deal with all these challenges using methods that have minimal impact on the environment and with no risk of harm the human population or other ‘non-target’ creatures who may live in the vicinity,” says Steve.

Although NBC Bird & Pest Control is a national organisation, with a network covering just about every city, town, village and small community in the UK, the company’s policy is to employ only local experts who live in the areas in which they work. In Steve’s case, this means that he and his team have a detailed knowledge of the animals, birds and insects most typically found in Greenwich, plus the area’s most locally focused bird and pest control issues.

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