Fibertec Window and Door Celebrates 25 Years as Pioneers in Fiberglass Technology

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May 20, 2013 at 4:48 am

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20th May 2013 – Fibertec Window and Door Mfg celebrates 25 years as pioneers in the Fiberglass windows and doors field. The line includes an available selection of fiberglass casement, double-hung, single-hung, bay and bow, picture, awning and custom windows. The available selection of fiberglass doors includes patio, sliding-glass and entrance doors. Customers love maintenance-free and energy efficient windows and doors which add to the value of their home and are guaranteed to last the life of the home.

Fibertec windows and doors are made with an innovative fiberglass pultrusion technology. This technology is far-superior to window production in comparison to other materials such as wood, plastic or metal. Customers who are dedicated to green living now have eco-friendly and sustainable products from which to choose for their door and window needs in their homes or buildings.

For decades, Fibertec has been focusing on advanced fiberglass window and door development and is an industry pioneer. Fibertec’s windows and doors have passed stringent third party energy testing and have achieved the highest ratings. The products are durable and made to last and are LEED, ICF, AMAA, and Passive Home Approved. Every one of Fibertec’s energy efficient fiberglass windows are custom manufactured to size, shape, colour, and style.

Fibertec has an extensive selection available which will hold up in any North America climate. No matter if you live in a region with extensive rainfall or one with blazing sun, the products will withstand the elements. The energy-efficient windows and doors allow customers to save money on home heating and cooling costs as well.

Because fiberglass windows and doors can be painted, unlike vinyl, customers who make changes to the exterior façade of their building or residence will not have to put in new windows or doors. They can update the look of the existing product with a little paint. Another advantage of using fiberglass materials over wood is that fiberglass is resistant to termites and other pests. Rotting wood will often attract pests such as ants which can nest in the wood with ease. Fiberglass eliminates pests from making home in your door frames or window frames.

Fiberglass Frames and sashes will not rot, bend, or warp in the way that vinyl or wood products will. The seals are consistent which eliminates air and moisture leakage to prevent condensation or degrading of interior finishes. Another benefit of fiberglass is that it reduces outside noise which is perfect for customers who want a quiet home. This means less noise from traffic, blaring car radios and even everyday neighborhood noise.

The Ontario manufacturer’s window line also includes an oak wood interior finished window. The wood grain doors are pre-hung in fiberglass frames so they will withstand the elements on any climate. They can be stained for the look and feel of real wood with the all the benefits of fiberglass material.

Owners of commercial buildings such as apartment or condominium complexes are extremely satisfied with the uniform look and maintenance-free quality of fiberglass windows. Contractors are delighted with the ease of installation and construction of the windows and doors.

Fiberglass windows and doors withstand the elements, are maintenance free and are resistant to termites and pests.

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