Creating the perfect environment for both internal and external flooring areas

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January 22, 2013 at 11:56 am

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London Stone are a company concerned with only supplying the very best examples of natural stone tiles sourced from all corners of the globe. With operations growing at an impressive rate they now provide a myriad of spectacular stone varieties to give their customers the widest possible choice, even going that step further to source the exact particular stone to suit a client’s request.

With a wonderful range of amazing stone tiles in beautiful colours such as the deep hues and warm colours of the Indian stone blends that are hugely popular on both internal and external applications, London Stone have the resources to ensure their customers gain the best satisfaction possible.

As a business dealing with a wide selection of high quality and as such valuable materials, costs are a big factor, as is waste. The less waste created means greater profit margins and increased savings available for clients and customers. London Stone recently invested in measures to lessen their waste, particularly with their stone cutting service which, when creating bespoke stone covings and tiles for clients creates a certain amount of waste, again which is not uncommon for any stone smiths.

Using the skill and experience of their finest stonemasons, accurately cut hexagonal, triangular and mitred stone pieces are created on a daily basis, often leaving a considerable weight of off cut stone left as mere scrap. As these services became so very popular by request of homeowners, architects and building contractors, so the quantity of waste stone rose, to roughly 5 tonnes a day which is a considerable cost when adding up the price of granite, high grade sand stone, Indian stone and slate (in addition to many others).

The installation of a machine that removes the need to have their waste stone collected daily by skip has really altered the carbon footprint of London Stone, providing excellent reductions in waste figures over the last months since its implementation. Being a costly process where removing the five tonnes of waste stone every day was expensive but a necessity, the smart move was to recycle this waste somehow. The answer was to purchase a concrete crusher, a machine suited to breaking down stone into quantifiable sizes to use in the production of concrete and other such applications.

With the ability to crush any waste natural stone into grades or sizes, London Stone have not only found a cost effective solution to significantly lowering their wastage figures but also gain more profit from selling the residual crushed stone on to their clients to use within sub layers for patios either as a dry base or mixed with cement to make concrete for exterior applications prior to laying the finishing patio natural stone tiles of the customer’s choice.

What is more is that the crushed stone is sold at a reduced price, offering even more savings to clients and customers, increasing London Stone’s profit margins even further. Seeing the need to recycle and presenting the solution that is cost efficient, effective and highly marketable, there is every reason for more potential customers to discover ethically sourced and stunning stone products from London Stone today.

London Stone is a company dedicated to providing a selection of high grade Stone Flooring tiles for commercial and domestic installation. Proving to be one company for whom their carbon footprint is important and their eco friendly approach to waste providing a useful product for clients, London Stone remain one of the greener stone companies in the UK. For more information, please visit :

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