Sun Labs Offers Sunless Tanning Products With Bulk Discounts and Private Labels

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January 31, 2013 at 11:51 am

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Sun Laboratories was the first company to ever offer self application sunless tanning products to the masses in the late 1970s. Since that time, they have shifted their focus to creating a wide range of different products that consumers will love, and doing so at a price that is going to allow companies to greatly enjoy the benefits of selling their products, at a discounted rate. The company knows that offering salons, businesses, and other organizations the ability to quickly and effectively offer their products at a discounted rate will not only allow them to grow as a company but can help them to promote the growth of other companies that sell their products as well, allowing the company to place more sunless tanning products in more locations.

Bulk Discounts

One of the best programs that is offered by the company is there bulk discount program. This program allows salon owners and other companies that may be interested in offering similar products to take advantage of bulk discounts on products that they offer, that are branded with the Sun Laboratories brand. These both discounts are as high as 15%, allowing businesses to sell their products that the usual price for 15% profit, or even marking of the prices to a level that is going to make them even more profitable. Sun Laboratories knows that the key to their growth is getting their products into as many different retail locations as possible, and allowing other businesses to benefit greatly from selling their products.

Private Labels

For businesses that are looking to sell the products, but would like to avoid selling anything other than their own brand, Sun Laboratories also offers private label rights. Essentially, this means that you will order the products at a discounted rate, and the products will not come with any branding on them when shipped. This means that businesses can provide their own labels, and brand the sunless tanning products that are provided by Sun Laboratories as their own brand, allowing them to establish more products in their location, and also take advantage of the high quality products that are offered by Sun Laboratories.

Salon Owners

For bulk orders of more than $500, the company offers a whopping 50% discount on their products. This means that salon owners can order Sun Laboratories sunless tanning products in bulk, and sell them at their usual price for a 50% profit margin. These cheap rates are going to allow both companies to grow exponentially, and allow for increased brand awareness for their sunless tanning products as well. This is an excellent deal for salon owners were looking to greatly expand the number of products that they offer, and doing so in a way that is almost guaranteed to be profitable for the company.

There are many types of businesses that could benefit from selling high-quality sunless tanning products. Whether you own a tanning salon in are looking to offer tanning accelerators offered by Sun Labs, or you own a typical hair salon that sells a wide range of beauty related products.

The company Sun Laboratories, also known as Sun Lab was the first company to offer high quality sunless tanning products.

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