“Power Zoom” Teeth Whitening at Tampa Smiles for Whiter, Brighter Teeth

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March 22, 2013 at 2:58 pm

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Dr.John L Redd II, speaking about the revolutionary “Power Zoom” teeth whitening system, said, “While there is no single visit bleaching system to transform stained teeth into the whitest, the Power Zoom whitening technique which combines several methods, is considered the most effective so far. We combine it with an at-home tray bleaching technique for the best results. Even patients, who did not get the desired results before this, can now enjoy whiter teeth.”

The Power Zoom whitening system begins with an in-clinic bleaching to prepare the teeth to absorb oxygen easily from the bleaching gel applied via the bleaching trays. Each patient is provided with a bleaching kit with instructions to help them wear comfortable at-home bleaching trays that fit the teeth snugly for fourteen nights. After this a clinic visit is scheduled for the final procedure that results in the whitest possible teeth.

Explaining about why the level of whiteness varies with different patients, Dr. Redd said, “Everyone’s teeth have a certain biologic limit of its maximum whiteness beyond which it cannot get any whiter no matter how much more bleaching material is used. However our Power Zoom system has the ability to increase this limit and enables the patient get whiter teeth than was previously possible. The reason for this is the customized bleaching trays used with the system, which seal at the gum line and keep them in place. Unlike other systems, we offer bleaching gel that is devoid of acid and there is no fear of damaging dental restoration work.”

Power Zoom teeth whitening in Tampa not only whitens, but also thoroughly cleans the teeth and gets rid of minute debris from the tooth. The appropriate medication is prescribed to minimize tooth sensitivity and chances of inflammation of the teeth and gums during the process. Special toothpaste that enhances the whitening is also recommended with the requisite instructions. Patients are shown how to use the bleaching trays via live demonstrations and given details of what they can expect.

Dr. Redd commented, “Our natural teeth tend to get darker over time and this is absolutely normal. As long as the right materials are used to keep teeth clean, all is well. Unfortunately, some toothpastes contain abrasives that affect the teeth’s surface and these speeds up the collection of dirt and stains, often soaking into the teeth. It is important to choose the right tooth paste, one that not only cleans but also gently removes stains, keeping the teeth bright and shining.”

With the Power Zoom teeth whitening in Tampa, it is now possible to achieve the whitest teeth that stay that way for the longest time. After the procedure, the dentists apply a glossy clear coating to protect the teeth’s surface to avoid staining.

The Power Zoom whitening system is easy to use and offered by Tampa Smiles with complete support.

Headed by Dr.John L Redd II, Tampa Smiles is a full service dental clinic that offers a range of dentistry procedures including Power Zoom Whitening, CEREC, Invisalign, Children’s Dentistry, Oral cancer and laser cavity detection, among others. For more information and to schedule an appointment, please visit http://www.tampasmiles.com

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