Orriant Provides Customized Wellness Programs to Enhance Health and Lower Health Costs

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March 25, 2013 at 3:48 pm

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Orriant provides Wellness Programs unlike any other corporate wellness company, in that it not only prevents the cost of health care from rising for businesses and employees alike, but it can also help lower the cost through implementing innovative tools and personal coaching to help employees live healthier, make fewer health claims and thus pay less for medical insurance.

While many corporate wellness companies also offer community-based support structures, Orriant goes a step further to provide one-on-one coaching with each of your employees. Orriant coaches help employees choose health care plans specific to their individual needs, which means both employee and company aren’t paying for health care services that the employees do not need, thus reducing health insurance costs.

Orriant’s employee wellness programs feature other benefits in addition to a personal wellness coach for each employee. Unlike most consultants that develop wellness program ideas and force them on employees, leading to unhappiness and unwillingness to participate in the programs, Orriant seeks employee input and answers with innovative ideas about which employees can get excited. Because employees have a say in their wellness program and health care options, they can take ownership and experience the type of accountability that keeps them on track.

Health Reform is driving so many changes in the way businesses and employee health and happiness are managed. In times of uncertainty such as this, the best remedy to lead to peace of mind is to create a plan of action. Orriant gets proven results not only with lower health insurance premiums but also with improved employee attendance, which adds to a company’s productivity and makes both the leadership and staff happier. In the face of the health care debate, companies who engage with innovative consulting firms will have the upper hand in creating a customized, healthy environment that will enjoy increased employee retention.

In order to measure success, beyond realized lower health insurance premiums, Orriant provides online tracking tools through the Orriant Wellness Portal. The portal helps users to change behaviors for long-term health, leading to healthier life choices and increased happiness both for employees in their personal lives and also in the corporate environment.

In addition to health awareness resources, the Orriant Wellness Portal provides workshops, journal capabilities, coursework, goal setting and tracking, and the ability to set reminders, to name a few of the portal’s features. Employers can sign into an Employer Portal that allows leadership and business owners alike to track the health trends in their own companies, promoting informed decisions that can lead to more innovative developments for the betterment of employee experience, corporate culture and the bottom line.

When it comes to customized, personal coaching for corporate wellness programs, Orriant will work with a company and its employees to develop innovative ideas that enhance health and reduce health costs rather than trying to enforce a cookie cutter program that would only drive away employee participation and therefore end up costing more in the long run. Only Orriant can deliver sustainable wellness programs.

For more information please visit http://www.orriant.com/

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