New Survey during National Children’s Dental Health Month Reveals Dental Concerns

By: gore09
March 1, 2013 at 12:08 pm

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To celebrate National Children’s Dental Health Month, a recent survey has been published revealing that around 53 percent of U.S. children had two or more cavities appear during the past year and this demonstrates that parents and caregivers need to be more aware of it.

During the survey, 926 primary caregivers took part and their children were all aged 0-11. Of the 926 surveyed, the statistics revealed that 1 in 4 of them admitted that their children had had a cavity filled in 2012. It is recommended by dentists and dental health experts that children should first visit a dentist within the first 6 months of getting their first tooth, but the results showed that the average age at the children’s first dental visit was 3.

The survey also revealed that only 58% brushed their teeth twice a day and a worryingly low 34 percent did so for less than two minutes. The investigators advised the caregivers that they should be more aware of their children’s dental healthcare needs and take appropriate steps, such as reduce the amount of sugary drinks consumed.

Children suffering from cavities need good dental care in order to maintain a healthy set of teeth although this isn’t always undertaken and in that case, a good family dentist is needed to repair the damage. A reliable and reputable dentistry such as Trident Cosmetic and Family Dentistry founded by Los Angeles Cosmetic Dentist Elaine Gorelik,DDS who is a graduate of the renowned UCLA School of Dentistry.

Dr. Elaine Gorelik is a Los Angeles dentist with extensive post-graduate training in complex prosthodontics, cosmetic, reconstructive, implant and laser dentistry and because of this she excels in performing cosmetic dentistry for her patients in her carefully and conscientiously designed clinic. Filled with the latest in dental technology and patient comfort, Trident Cosmetic and Family Dentistry take the dental health of children very seriously.

Los Angeles cosmetic dentist Elaine Gorelik, DDS constantly upgrades her knowledge of dentistry along with her staff by attending seminars and conferences such as the upcoming AACD dental conference in Seattle from April 24-27.

Los Angeles dentist Dr. Elaine Gorelik believes in treating her patients while making them as comfortable as possible and as a result, has ensured practice is as comfortable and inviting as possible for families and their children.

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