Effective Natural Detox Program ‘Aspen Cleanse’ Created By Industry Expert Dr Paul Gannon Is Now Available Worldwide

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December 3, 2012 at 5:06 pm

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Colorado, USA December 3nd 2012 – Naturopathic physician Dr Paul Gannon has recently announced the launch of his widely renowned detox program ‘Apen Cleanse’ globally. Until now, the exclusive program has only been available to patients of Dr Gannon in Colorado. The ‘Aspen Cleanse’ detox program is a comprehensive, fully inclusive system which is unrivalled by other products currently available in the health niche. As such, customers are now able to experience the powerful results for themselves in the comfort of their own homes. The program has been carefully created using expertise gained over many years of practice in natural and homeopathic medicine.

While ‘Aspen Cleanse’ is primarily a detoxification program, it’s positive applications are countless. One of the most popular uses is for the incredible benefits associated with assisted weight loss. During a detox program customers often experience weight loss as toxins and harmful compounds are removed from the body and flushed out of the system. Utilising the ‘Aspen Cleanse’ program for safe, effective and maintainable weight loss is hugely beneficial and will enhance both general health and weight loss as the body is purged of toxic waste.

A unique characteristic of the ‘Aspen Cleanse’ program is the protection the cleanse provides to internal organs as the liver works hard to process and remove the harmful compounds which are released into the body during the purging and purification process. The cleanse has also been specifically designed to maintain and stabilize blood sugar levels to control the sugar cravings which can mean the difference between success and failure of diets! This highlights the incredibly positive impact that dieters will see while using ‘Aspen Cleanse’!

Dr. Paul Gannon is a Naturopathic physician offering safe and effective natural medicine to people of all ages and conditions. By utilizing only all natural, non-toxic therapies such as Homeopathy, herbal medicine, diet and nutrition, lifestyle counseling, detoxification protocols, Unda drainage remedies, and Bach flower remedies, he assists people who are seeking better balance to their health and well-being. For further information on the ‘Aspen Cleanse’ or to contact Dr Gannon, please use info@drpaulgannon.com or telephone (305) 491-9209

For more information please visit: http://drpaulgannon.com

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