Bal Harbor Bouari Clinic Celebrates One-Year Anniversary

By: ArieF86
November 19, 2012 at 6:26 pm

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BAY HARBOR ISLANDS, FL- November 8, 2012 — The Bal Harbor Bouari Clinic, a total well-being clinic dedicated to a helping individuals become healthier, celebrated its one-year anniversary in front of local guests.
Estrella Hamui, owner and CEO of the clinic, hosted the anniversary to celebrate the growth of the Bouari Clinic and how far its come in helping people attain their weight-loss goals.
I am honored for everyone to be here today. I really enjoy making people happy and getting healthier. It’s not about the money. It is about helping people, Hamui said.
The event had a wide variety of local Bay Harbor residents, including members of the Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce and Bay Harbor Islands City Hall.
Miami Beach Chamber attendees included Wendy Unger, Acting Director Membership Relations; Lisa Ricci, Membership Relations Associate; and Angelica Galan, Programming Coordinator. Bay Harbor’s Town Manager Ronald Wasson also stopped by for the event.
Bouari Clinic has helped numerous individuals in the Bay area. The clinic offers services to naturally, quickly and effectively reach weight-loss goals that does not involve surgery, prepared meals or exercise. The clinic focuses on the use of Growth Hormone Releasing Factor to help people safely release growth hormones, which also helps increase energy and vitality levels.
The success of the Bouari Clinic prompted Stephanie Ruiz, President of Media Department II, to praise Hamui and the Clinic with some kind words.
I am honored to be here and have the Bouari Clinic celebrate a year of existence in Bay Harbor. We wish future success to the clinic.
The event ended with Hamui ceremoniously cutting the ribbon outside of the clinic to officially mark a year of success as an establishment.

Bal Harbor Bouari Clinic services Bal Harbour and Bay Harbor Islands. Our well-being clinic offers a successful weight loss program letting you feel healthier, confident and young. For more infomation Please visit:

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