Pink Lady Chocolates offers new collections of premium chocolates

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June 24, 2013 at 11:48 am

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It can be hard to resist another bite of smooth, premium chocolate… Fortunately, with the chocolate collections from Pink Lady Chocolates, people don’t have to! Pink Lady is proud to offer a wider selection of Australian Made Chocolate boxes that each focus on a particular ideal. Products may come and go, so those who are interested should be sure to order while they can.

The Twist Selection box is a true chocolate-lover’s delight, focusing on the high-quality white, milk, and dark chocolates that Pink Lady is known for. The collection itself may be a relatively simple one, but that’s because there’s no need to spruce up something that’s already so delicious. However, that’s not the only chocolate selection made available, and some people are particularly fond of the Classic Chocolate box that covers both hard and soft chews in delicious milk or dark chocolate. There’s enough variety in each box to offer constant change, too, making it hard to ever grow bored of reaching in!

Hat boxes are one of the larger collections offered by Pink Lady, while the smaller tent boxes provide the perfect gift for handing over to others. The Milk Hearts box is a true tradition, focused on premium milk chocolate in Pink Lady’s signature heart shape and offering enough pieces to satisfy someone for quite some time. The Strawberry Truffle Hearts box is might the same but each chocolate has been filled with the highest-quality strawberry truffles to bring together two classic flavors into one fruity treat. Finally, the Dark Ginger box wraps pieces of ginger in a darker, richer chocolate… And it’s so popular that Pink Lady had to make this bag bigger than any of the other tent boxes just to keep up with the demand.

Finally, for people with a serious craving for chocolate, the premium chocolate hearts from Pink Lady now come in 2kg tubs. Foil colours vary, allowing each customer to pick the design they want most as a way of fitting in with a party, their shelves, or any room in the house. These tubs are also one of the most affordable products on a per-piece basis, since customers are simply getting so many of them.

With more options than ever before for meeting chocolate cravings, Pink Lady Chocolates is proud to offer customers the highest quality and the sweetest delivery. For more information on the current selection of chocolate products, visit the Pink Lady website at


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