The Master Tutor Offers Testing And Solutions To A Child’s Problem Learning Areas

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February 11, 2013 at 11:41 am

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Public schools continue to be hit by the economic circumstances. Michigan’s public school budget is actually looking at a proposed 2% bump in the amount of money they will receive. But Michigan schools are still underfinanced, and education is still the single biggest factor in the amount of choices your child will have as they grow older.

The Master Tutor knows that public school teachers do the best they can, but the truth is that children learn at different rates. With class size and other considerations, the public school teachers many times just don’t have the time to single out every child who learns at a different rate.

But tutoring can help any child grasp concepts at a much quicker pace, and the Master Tutor is a Lansing Tutor you can depend on to bring your child up to speed. Founder and President Tim Mulvaney has a long history in education and has been teaching for over 20 years.

The Master Tutor offers one on one, highly specialized educational instruction in any subject. This is done in your house at your convenience.

If you think your child may need some help to excel in a particular subject, one of the expert teachers from The Master Tutor will perform an assessment on the student to determine how a tutoring course could improve the child’s school performance. This procedure is free and has absolutely no obligation.

This type of instruction can be pinpointed to the exact area that the student needs work in, and many times a fairly short, focused course of study is called for. The Master Tutor is among the few Okemos Tutors who are qualified to teach nearly any subject and age group including elementary school programs.

Special needs students can also benefit greatly from a tutor.

For each student an individualized lesson plan will be drawn up – no two students are alike, nor are their problems.

The courses travel upwards in age to college level courses – sometimes it takes specialized, one on one instruction to help a student truly understand and grasp the material – this is especially true of mathematics and science, but is also true across the spectrum of courses.

A big part of tutoring students is not teaching just the subject at hand though. It is a blind spot in most public and many private schools, but many of them do not teach the basics of learning techniques.

Learning how to learn seems counter-intuitive but the proper preparation and time control are important in every area of study. Part of The Master Tutor’s teaching plan is to teach every student how to study – this includes things like:

• Motivation

• Reading

• Setting specific goals

• How to take effective notes

• Attitude

• Learning styles

• Test prep

There is more – but no matter what a student takes, the lessons in how to learn will be important in every subject they tackle from then on.

Students who are falling behind in a certain area can be helped greatly by working with a private tutor. An East Lansing tutor from the Master Tutor can come to your house to suit your schedule, and help your child do the best they can in school!

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