Fruitful Life Coaching from Authentic Education

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June 14, 2013 at 11:53 am

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Today, stress is a part of everybody’s life, but only a few are able to cope with it. The ones who are not able to deal with it effectively, fall vulnerable to various kinds of mental conditions, depression being the most common one. While many among us are already a victim to such issues in life, little do we realise how important it is to seek proper guidance on how to combat these negative emotions.

To help all those who have been going through such difficulties, Authentic Education comes as a boon. Authentic Education is Australia’s top life-coaching organization which is wholly devoted to life-coaching and personal development. A well-dedicated team of trained life coaches help people to wipe all tensions and worries off their lives and reach a marked positive shift. They also help one in boosting morale and self-confidence, to make goals easily achievable.

These programmes are designed to ensure that the mentees get much-needed care and attention. Authentic Education works to help people live a “rich, balanced and fulfilling lifestyle around a person’s highest values”.

We all have a set of dreams and aspirations, which give us a purpose to live. A life which is bereft of a goal or a purpose is most-likely to get derailed. This may also lead people to feel that their life is meaningless and not worth living. This hopelessness acts as a hindrance to a hunky-dory life. Authentic Education works very hard to get people’s awry lives back on the right track. This enables the mentees to align their feelings, thoughts and actions in complete harmony. The basic idea is to replace traits like guilt, shame, fear etc. with positive ones like appreciation, empowerment and authenticity.

A lot of people have benefitted from the programmes which are carried out by Authentic Education. The institute has been successful in transforming lives of many people who have sought its help. Authentic Education provides a number of useful programmes for students, professionals and retired people. These programmes range from public speaking, life coaching, pursuing passion, finding the purpose of life to meditation.

Benjamin J Harvey is at the helm of the institution and has pioneered many one-of-a-kind programs, thus helping many. His has worked in various Fortune 500 firms during the last 10 years. Mr Harvey recently have up corporate life to help people to manage their lives in a much better way. He is renowned for his life-coaching skills which have helped a lot of corporates balance their professional and personal lives.

The organization draws its strength from the positive feedback it gains from the people who seek life-coaching and take part in other such life-management courses.

About the Company

Authentic Education is a revolutionary life-coaching organization based in Sydney, Australia which works with the aim of helping people battle negativities in their lives and thus strive towards success. The programmes are designed to help people cope with stress and achieve a fulfilling lifestyle.

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