From a Perceived Need to a Successful Program

By: medmm594
December 18, 2012 at 12:08 pm

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Not many people are fully aware of the medical needs, requirements and history of all the members of their family. Maybe they will know in their heads what medicines their children or their spouses are taking but if they were called on to write it all down in a hurry they would be unlikely to be complete or accurate.

This was the dilemma facing the developer of the “My Instant Medical Information” (MiMi) Julie Slayton who was faced with a situation where a close relative was involved in a medical emergency and the emergency staff wanted (needed) As many details as possible. And because the relative didn’t live with her and she didn’t know the medical details she was unable to provide the data.

Discovering that there was no easy and cheap solution available she became to determined to develop one herself. There is a very good reason Why People Need Personal Health Records PHR and that is because one’s normal doctor or medical practice is only open during working hours which is less than a third of the time. The details may be needed during the other 66% of the time during the week.

Because of the danger of hacking and the need to keep one’s personal and one’s family’s records private and confidential she decided that the program should not run on the internet. Just about every database on the internet is liable to be hacked and because this information was personal to the users and absolutely no business of anyone else until required she decided to make it a stand alone program running on people’s personal computers.
It is an easily managed program that anyone can easily manage on their personal computer. It allows you to record in adequate detail all the facts and medical history of each member of your family, including your aged parents for example.

Detail such as every visit to a medical practitioner, any visit to an Emergency Room. The symptoms, the diagnosis, the treatment received and the medication taken. Any procedures past surgeries, an adequate record of any chronic ailments and what treatment is being undergone.

It is especially important to keep the personal medical records software up to date with any family member who is getting on in years or who is having routine medical treatment as the more data emergency staff, have the better and more care they can administer.

The reception by medical practitioners has been very positive as they are better able to provide care and diagnoses if they are aware of the facts and medical history of prospective patients. For more information please visit:

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