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By: arthurcmn
May 20, 2013 at 11:33 am

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Are you a tech junky? Can you disassemble a smartphone, identify the internal components and assemble it back together with your eyes closed? If so, then you are likely someone who has a natural knack for all things that require a circuit board. It may also be the case that you enjoy working with web design and working with scripts, CSS, HTML and JavaScript, basically all the stuff that has others scratching their heads if you try to explain it to them without using layman’s terms.

If working with gadgets and websites is your bread and butter, then one site you should become acquainted with is Tech Reference. This is an IT blog where you can get the latest scoop and articles on IT News, computer software, running an online business and other electronics. With Tech Reference, you can look up various computer blog posts divided into separate IT related categories.

Online Business

For those with an ecommerce site, Tech Reference has a section that covers the essentials of running a business online. This includes recommendations of top SEO marketing and web design agencies. There is also a wealth of information on how to promote an online business for those with a brand new site and are still figuring out how to get more traffic. There is also advice on how to start your own established money making blogs. If done correctly, these blogs can really become cash cow machines.

Affiliate marketing

The site is also a great source for affiliate marketers. There is plenty of information on how affiliates can maximize conversions by making good use of social media, Google Adwords and other tried and true marketing approaches.

Web Hosting

For those who have yet to set up a website but are thinking about it, the first step is to sign up with a web hosting company. There are dozens of web hosting agencies out there and picking one shouldn’t be a random selection. Tech Reference provides many posts on what exactly to look for when selecting a web hosting agency that is right for you.


If you use the Internet, then you need to know how to do so safely and not make yourself an easy victim to malware attacks. Articles are provided with recommendations of top anti-virus scanners and general safety precautionary tips to ensure that you don’t fall victim to phishing sites and suspicious emails with potentially harmful attachments.


Tech Reference also has an electronics section that covers gadgets like laptops, digital cameras, hardware and mobile phones. If you regularly visit your local Best Buy just to browse, then this is a section that you might enjoy.

Electronics define the world we live in today and will be the catalyst for shaping the world we live in tomorrow. Whether you operate your own online business or just enjoy fiddling with technology and gadgetry, Tech Reference is a blog with posts written by experts in the field. You can visit the site if you want to learn something new or if you just want to be entertained by reading what some in the industry have to say about the latest devices

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