Zip Offers Instant Boiling Water Systems for Homes, Schools, Offices, Hospitals, and factories

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July 13, 2013 at 2:57 pm

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Zip Industries is an Australia-based manufacturing company specializing in boiled and chilled filtered drinking water delivery products including Zip HydroTap and Zip Hydroboil. The company started trading in Australia in 1947. Michael Crouch purchased the company in 1962 with an aim of offering an appliance that could make life simpler. The Zip Hydroboil revolutionizes the way people use water in the kitchen, schools, offices, hospitals and factories. The systems offer boiling and sparkling filtered water from a single tap. In Sydney, an estimated 30,000 Zip instant boiling water systems have been installed in the central business district alone.

Zip has introduced three instant on-wall boiling water heaters which are Zip Hydroboil, Zip Autoboil and Zip Econoboil. They help in saving energy and have a lot of safety features along with filtration, providing crystal clear boiling water for tea and other beverages. According to ZIP Industries, installing the Zip Instant boiling systems offers a number of practical advantages. The system has an energy efficient design which allows for minimal use of energy hence no energy is wasted in boiling more water than needed. Fingertip control allows a cup-full or pot-full at a time. The design saves a lot of time by providing the instant boiling water at the touch of a tap hence no waiting for the water to boil. It saves a lot of space as it is easy and compact to install. It eliminates the need of kettles and exposed power cords. Since it has an energy efficient design and electronic controls, it minimizes energy consumption and hence reduces cost of running thus saving money.

Zip Hydroboil comes with six models to choose from, allowing choice of three capacities which are 3.0 ltrs, 5.0 ltrs and 7.5 ltrs, choice of two case finishes which are white steel or stainless steel. All the models have a built in triple action water filtration mechanism. All models come with an extended product warranty. The sizes 5.0 and 7.5 ltrs are mostly popular in shops, factories, offices, busy kitchens, canteens and restaurants. Since every Zip Hydroboil is supplied with triple-action water filtration, it provides crystal-clear instant boiling water for great-tasting coffee, tea, and cooking. The system is put together by a special five-micron Zip filter which removes particulates contaminating the water supply. The filter also regulates and stops accumulation of mineral scales in the water boiling chamber and minimizes chlorine and other chemicals. It cuts energy consumption in different ways.

About The Company

Zip Industries is an Australian company that manufactures boiling and chilled drinking water products. It has made its presence known worldwide as Zip Heaters (Australia), trades in the UK as Zip Heaters (UK) and in New Zealand as Zenith Heaters. It is wholly owned by Michael Crouch. Zip was the first company to develop small instant boiling water heaters. The company’s products are installed in the Queen’s kitchens at Buckingham Palace and twenty houses of parliament. The internationally recognized Australian designer, Jamie Durie, has signed on as international Brand Ambassador for Zip HydroTap.

The Australian organization is recognized as remarkably well in a complex, competitive environment by producing products that are of high intellectual content and by building and using strong relationships with clients. The Zip MiniBoil, one of the first compact Instant Boiling Water heater systems, is on permanent display at the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney, in the Australia Innovates exhibition. Zip Industries sponsors a number of organizations including The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award and the Symphony of Australia Foundation. Zip Industries has been the Principal Sponsor of the Sydney Festival (2009-2012). Zip is the only Instant Boiling Water company in the world to have a fleet of dedicated service technicians on the road at all times. For more details, please visit

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