Universal Funding Corporation Supplies High Value, Custom Invoice Factoring Services

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March 4, 2013 at 11:16 am

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If you have experienced the crunch of running short on money during critical periods because your capital is tied up in invoicing, Universal Funding Corporation can help stabilize your cash flow and put your invoices to work for you with invoice factoring.

Invoice factoring sounds more intimidating than it is; larger corporations have been using this technique for decades to ensure an even flow of money, and it works like this. When you invoice a job it is typically a 30 to 60 day pay window, and his is where invoicing can play havoc with your cash flow.

This can happen to big business too. When Universal Funding Corporation puts a factoring solution together for you, those dry periods will disappear as it will allow you to realize the invoice immediately.

Universal Funding is paid at the end of the process when your customers pay the invoice.

Rates do vary on a number of variants. These include:

• Duration of contract

• Monthly Volume

• Trends in payment cycles

• Overhead as regards total # of invoices

• Your customers’ credit strength and overall risk

Factoring is not a loan – the only assets that matter are the value of your invoices, and the credit strength of your customers.

Universal Funding Corporation has worked for some of the biggest names in business. It is our goal to put this important business tool to work for you no matter that the size of our company. This will allow you to reinvest the capital from your invoices immediately back into your business, usually far outweighing the rates that we charge to administer the invoice factor.

Nearly any business to business venture will be able to receive an invoice factor. We specialize in a broad array of businesses, from business service providers, printing and publishing, energy and transportation, staffing, wholesale and manufacturing. For more details, contact us now! at http://www.universalfunding.com/

Universal Funding Corporation has a wealth of information available on Factoring, and can integrate QuickBooks for an easy integration into your accounting system. There are also Factoring calculators so you can get an idea of the total costs with your Invoice Factoring Rates, a Frequently Asked Questions section and articles and white papers on the business and cash flow advantages of invoice factoring.

Universal Funding Corporation can also arrange for Accounts Receivable Insurance. This will give extra protection in the rare possibility of your customers’ business collapsing. Much like mortgage insurance, it is a rarely necessary precaution, but if the worst does happen this is invaluable, especially for small businesses that could be wiped out from one unpaid account.

Universal Funding Corporation strives to be at the top of the Invoice Factoring Companies on the market, and treats each business we work with as in individual. Not all receivables factoring companies do that – they offer one or two cookie cutter solutions, and that is it.

With the factoring invoices services at Universal Funding Corporation you will get a unique system of accounts receivable funding designed specifically for you. Out of the factoring companies in Texas let the best help you – Universal Funding Corporation is here to help your business grow.

For the best invoice factoring solutions, contact Universal Funding Corporation now!

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