Thermostop Releases New Industrial Breakaway And Other Specialty Doors!

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February 8, 2013 at 12:06 pm

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Doors aren’t glamorous – but they have to be done right, especially for specialty and industrial applications, and Thermostop has all new doors available no matter what your specific need or industry.

The Breakfree 400 is a perfect example of what dedicated design and manufacturing facilities can accomplish. This is a 4″ cold storage door with a very high insulation value. It is also a breakaway door. It is made from 4″ expanded polystyrene, and the bottom section is made to be knocked out and easily put back into place with no damage to the structure of the door.

This door is ideal for the following locations, and is one of the best and most advanced breakaway cold storage doors on the market:

• Pharmaceutical warehouses

• Heavy distribution warehouses

• Heavy manufacturing

• Grocery distribution warehouses

• Food processing plants

The size capacity on these doors is up to 10′ wide and 16′ high. The doors are designed to withstand a wind load of over 90 mph while holding a horizontal deflection no greater than 1/120 of the opening width of the door.

This is just one of the doors that Thermostop creates. No matter what specific needs your company has, Thermostop has the design staff and manufacturing expertise to get the perfect door for your application, from overhead doors to Overhead sectional doors.

Industrial sectional doors, acoustic doors for sound intensive applications, standard and breakaway cold storage doors, and other breakaway models are all available. Thermostop also carries a wide range of door parts and residential doors too!

From the Radisson and the Bentley to the Crystal glass door, Thermostop offers style, toughness and dependability, as well as excellent insulation ratings. The Crystal model offers several anodized colors and a wide range of painted colors and this door lets a good amount of natural light into your home.

Attention to detail is just as rigorous on the residential doors Thermostop manufactures than it is in the industrial doors – things like a foam rubber seal in the tongue and grove joint construction of the Crystal, and the fact that there are no weld spots on these doors – it uses full length bolts that travel the entire length of the tubular extrusions of the frame, giving this door exceptional strength and rigidity characteristics.

Thermostop is a certified ISO 9001-2008 manufacturer, and offers many benefits through their website, including installation and maintenance instructions as well as videos of the various door systems, and different types of projects that the company has been involved in.

From hangar doors up to 90′ wide and 30′ high to freezer and residential doors Thermostop is known around the world as the premier door manufacturer. They specialize in heavy duty industrial designs and are a leader in the field of these specialized doors that serve many different industries, from mining and commercial interests to security and police doors and doors which are made especially for marine environments that are rust resistant.

Before you invest in doors for your business or plant take a look at the best door on the market – get Thermostop doors, and you will have gotten the best! For more details please visit

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