Recent News Report Suggests That Inc Magazine Featured SWAT Radon Mitigation Online

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November 29, 2012 at 12:02 pm

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Just recently, a news report suggested that ink magazine featured SWAT radon mitigation as one of America’s fastest-growing countries. This is quite alarming news, because SWAT radon mitigation is a company that specializes in clearing out homes and businesses from radon. Radon is a chemical that is found in the air, it is actually quite deadly and is a serious problem around the country. The fact that SWAT radon mitigation is one of the fastest-growing countries shows that radon is a serious problem and it is something that is not being addressed by as many homeowners as it should be.

The news suggests that SWAT radon mitigation is a company on the rise

The fact that SWAT radon mitigation was featured among America’s fastest-growing businesses, shows that radon is on the rise as well. This means more homes, more businesses, and more commercial industries are being affected by radon gas. Radon is a very serious chemical gas and it needs to be dealt with appropriately. Companies like SWAT radon mitigation provide air quality control services, so that radon can be removed from the premises immediately. These types of services are very important, but no one expected the company to be on America’s fastest-growing businesses list. The awareness of radon around the country is very low, so this shows that more needs to be done to increase awareness around radon and show that it is a serious problem.

The company does everything they can to reduce radon problems

SWAT Environmental says that they do everything they can to reduce radon problems around the country. They say that people don’t know about radon or the negative consequences of what radon gas can do. SWAT environmental is doing everything they can to increase awareness and show people that radon is something they need to consider even in their own homes. Hiring SWAT environmental to come in and check out your home costs only a minimal amounts of money and it can mean the difference between having good health or being affected by radon gas.

Inc Magazine Features SWAT Radon Mitigation

This is what the headlines read recently when Inc magazine announced that SWAT radon mitigation was going to be among America’s fastest-growing countries. This was news to many and it served as a great wake-up call. Radon gas is something that is very rarely discussed, if you talk to homeowners and businesses about it, they will often not have much to say. They really don’t know about the dangers of radon gas or whether it poses a risk to their business or even their home. Families are affected by high levels of radon every day, it’s about time that we do something to increase awareness and really show people that radon is a serious concern in this country. SWAT environmental has devices that can check the level of radon in any home or business. By using these devices, they have found alarming statistics that more homes are affected by these high levels of radon gas than we ever imagined. Proceed to the SWAT Environmental website at,

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