Mai Tai Dresses Gives Smaller Businesses Access To A First Rate Clothing Line!

By: taishop62
February 25, 2013 at 11:28 am

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Don’t let the giant stores run over you! Any business in America, the EU or the UK can get the best ladies stylish clothing at prices that will allow them to compete with larger stores. Mai Tai fashion and clothing line has a wealth of excellent Mai Tai clothes, from dresses to tops and bottoms.

We are very proud of our design team. They have assembled an excellent collection of classic looks combined with quirky street looks and modern chic, in everything from subtle earth tones to bold patterns, colors and cuts. Our Mai Tai Clothing line covers the gamut, and comes available in many plus size options – just another advantage of dealing with the Mai Tai Clothing Line!

There is more than one plus size hi low dress and the famous Mai Tai wrap dress!

Mai Tai only deals with established businesses – we do not sell to individuals. We specialize in helping smaller retailers gain access to excellently design and excellently manufactured clothing at a price point that is low enough to allow even smaller businesses to compete.

And we are based right here in California – we have put the power of modern trade deals to work for you. This allows you to get truly innovative and delicious designs into your store. From our fun, frolicky and classy tops to long and short skirts in every style, an dresses from formal to beach party chic every design is important to us.

So is every piece of clothing that we sell. We know that when you sell our clothes, our quality has to be the best – your reputation is on the line as well as ours, and we take that seriously. Every aspect of our business is designed to provide great products and excellent customer service!

That is why we take as much care in the manufacturing and quality control assurance aspects of the business as we do the fun stuff – the design!

Without excellent, verifiable manufacturing practices the best designs won’t be worth much. We work with our manufacturers to make sure the quality remains as high as ever, and will not accept less than the best.

If you need a new fashion designer to bring your shelves back to life, search through our huge database of designs. Our team has put together hundreds of outfits, from one shoulder mini dresses, strapless evening gowns and great sundresses. That doesn’t even mention the tops and bottoms that are available. Look through our collections, and we guarantee you will find designs to delight the eye and inspire your customers to reach for their bankcard.

We can set up multiple shipping locations for one business, making the re-ordering of stock easier than ever, either from a central location or allowing each store to order their own stock. Mai Tai Dresses are well made and great, and so is our customer service – if you have any questions at all about what is required to do business with us, feel free to call or email any time! 213-748-5511-

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