Lovers Secrets Revealed : A Website Dedicated to Improving the Practice of Tantra

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November 19, 2012 at 6:28 pm

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Lovers-secretscom is a website owned and run by one Ran Deren who has dedicated the last 12 years of his life to teaching the arts and practice of Tantric massage and Tantra.

The entire subject of Tantra and its practice is long and extensive and warrants a lifetime of study and dedication. So often it is just associated with the populist urban legend of “Tantric Sex”. Yes indeed sexual practice does come into it but it is far more than that. It is a technique of spiritual practice which is rich in technique.

It is in fact the techniques themselves which are important rather than any coherent dogma or doctrine. Many of the Hindu and Buddhists sects adopt and include some of these techniques in their teachings. Spirituality is central to the whole tantric milieu and offers a vision of the creation and universe as the self expression of the Divine with a blissful self expression rather than restricting itself with and one vision or manifestation of a religion. Tantric spiritual practices and rituals thus aim to bring about an inner realization of the truth that “Nothing exists that is not Divine”.

Because it is a very large field and rich in knowledge and wisdom it is impossible to learn it all from one website. Furthermore so large is the field that one does not need to know everything to benefit from using some of the techniques.

On the Website; lovers-secretscom, Ran Deren promotes many of the various techniques each of which may be independently practiced and will have a positive effect on one’s life. Because the arts of love and sexual performance is one of the areas that easily lends itself to these techniques it is no surprise that many of the popular items he teaches are to do with the act of love making.

The home page opens with a review of products that are offered online. Tantra Kama Sutra is a description of all known sexual positions with descriptions and illustrations for example. Another reviewed is The Ultimate Home Tantra Course which is a systematic set of practices and exercises well explained. This course includes videos as well as an E book. The next review is called Top Tantra and covers most of the basics of Sexual Tantra Practice.

And this is only the first heading of the website which is laid out similar to a blog with headings to arouse interest and a links to enable one to read further into the items that interest the reader.

Other headings on the first page include an Item on Ejaculation training, Tantra Techniques, How to know if Your Man is Really Satisfied, Sexual Secrets Men Never Tell and Every Woman should Know and many more.

The website offers a free course as an introductory offer. It cost nothing to join and may well release boundless pleasures associated with Tantra.

For more information please visit

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