Lansing Forge now offers more high-quality tools for various projects

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May 27, 2013 at 2:03 pm

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Since products first began to be manufactured to different standards, people all around the world have realized just how much of a difference it makes to have a tool that really works for its job. That’s part of the reason behind the success of Lansing Forge, one of the nation’s leading providers of hand-forged tools.

Now, Lansing Forge is proud to announce a catalog of products that has been expanded from its initial list. In particular, the variety of tools produced by the forge represents decades of experience in creating the best hand-forged products for different purposes. As it currently stands, each particular variety of tool only comes in a small number of forms for different purposes, but this is very intentional – the tools provided are the ones that have worked the best, and anything else would probably be an inferior product.

A particular highlight of the expanded catalog is the inclusion of Hammer Keys, which are forged to a variety of different lengths and specifications. Unlike most of the tools offered by Lansing Forge, this is a category where customers often need to supply a template, but may have a drawing of their own if the hammer keys need to be customized for a particular use. Should it be necessary, Lansing Forge can review a set of original designs and either forge it as-is or suggest improvements that might be able to be worked into the design in order to maximize its effectiveness.

In the standard catalog, however, few products are quite as notable as the marline spikes that Lansing Forge has added to its inventory. Marline spikes are so useful on-board vessels that sailors can actually qualify for using them and have this recognized by others; the most important part of this is the way that marline spikes are used to deal with rope, wire, and other forms of line, and how quick and efficient use of them can make many other jobs on-board the vessel much easier.

Finally, in terms of tools designed for strength, Lansing Forge has created a variety of Plumbers Caulking Irons. These offer some of the most variety among all of the Lansing Forge products, simply because there’s a need for such variety within the plumbing industry. Some of the tools are a larger size, designed for particular strength, while others in the catalog may be thicker, curved, or built to reach areas that are harder to normally reach.

These are only a few of the products that are in the expanded catalog of Lansing Forge, the nation’s leading supplier of hand-forged tools.

About Lansing Forge: Lansing Forge first opened in 1956. Since then, the quality of its tools has made it one of the nation’s leading suppliers of certain tools for industries, nautical vessels, and some aspects of the military. The Lansing Forge catalog includes a variety of marline spikes, caulking irons, scrapers, wedges, bars, tongs, and more, each produced to the highest levels of detail and craftsmanship. Certain custom creations are also available. For more information on the lineup of products, visit or contact a customer representative at (517) 882-2056.

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