HalloweenMart Donates Over 20K in Halloween Costumes to Kids in Las Vegas

By: carrieshee
March 8, 2013 at 11:20 am

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HalloweenMart is proud to announce that despite hard economic times, it was able to make a large donation this year of over 600 Halloween costumes to the needy children in the Las Vegas area.

While HalloweenMart has always been very active in the community, in 2012, it was really important to make a statement in a big way. Families in the Las Vegas area have been greatly feeling the effects of the economic downturn that have rocked the United States since 2008. And with Las Vegas as one of the areas of the country that was hit particularly hard with the housing bubble, many parents are struggling to provide their kids with toys and gifts during the holiday season.

For this year, HalloweenMart targeted four specific agencies in the Las Vegas area that they knew would be able to provide the donations directly to the families of needy children. The agencies included Big Brothers/Big Sisters, the Boys & Girls Club, Safe House and Summerlin Hospital.

Each of these agencies were given costumes for children that numbered 600 in total. That actually was the equivalent of just over $20,000 in retail value. The agencies were then given the option to pass the Halloween costumes on to the families of the children, or save the costumes for special occasions or parties to lift up spirits.

In down economic times, unfortunately some of the first places to lose their funding are these types of agencies that go out of their way to help the children who truly need it. HalloweenMart was honored to be able to make a donated during this time where it matters so much.

Boys & Girls Clubs of Las Vegas President and CEO Dulcinea Almazan had this to say about the donation:

“It takes a very special person, like you, to open your heart and see not only the cause, but also the effect one can have on our youth, our future. HalloweenMart has helped make it possible for our community’s children to grow and become productive, successful young adults and for that we are forever grateful.”

Other places lie Summerlin Hospital will use the Halloween costumes in different ways, allowing the children to don costumes during their time in the hospital, especially if that occurs over Halloween or the Christmas season. Being able to have costumes for children to wear is a small, but very important way to help the kids forget for a few moments that they are in the hospital, and still enjoy trick or treating just like everyone else.

HalloweenMart has been actively involved in the greater Las Vegas community for the last 15 years, and will continue to work on finding ways to make a positive impact on the children and families that are in the greater Las Vegas area. HalloweenMart has used costume donations as a way to increase fundraising opportunities, bring in volunteers and collect donations that all go directly to helping needy children. The company looks forward to continuing this tradition well into the future.

HalloweenMart has been a member of the Las Vegas community for over 15 years and takes pride in giving back. For more information on how to become involved, please call (702)740-4224 today.

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