Electronic Entrance Gates for Private and Commercial Property

By: kunnert939
July 5, 2013 at 12:11 pm

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Having an electronic entrance gate sets the boundaries between your property and public ground. It also gives your home a look of vestige. At the same time, an electronic gate also serves somewhat as a post letting outsiders know that what lies beyond is private property. If you are looking to have an electronic gate installed, whether for your private or commercial property, you can contact Security Access Controls & Fence, LLC. This is a company that provides entrance gate installations and parts as well as property fencing.

Electronic driveway gates are an intricate system that operates through a remote control. You can opt for a swing, slide or a barrier gate. Various control systems are also available depending on your specific needs. Most models come with a speaker and a keypad. Authorized personnel with the combination can simply input the code and let themselves right in. Other visitors can use the speaker to identify themselves and have someone from inside the gate let them in. A control system is situated right outside the gate where a vehicle can pull up right next to it. Additional systems are also installed indoors, and users can open the gate for someone with the push of a button.

Aside from access entry gates, Security Access Controls & Fence also provide fence installations. This can be your typical white picket fence for your home or a sturdy chain link fence for industrial use. The company provides the following fences:

• Wooden Fence – The company uses natural western red cedar for all its wooden fences. Unlike other wood, cedar is known for its ability to resist moisture and produces a toxic substance that wards off burrowing insects and mold-producing fungi. You can have your fence erected with full privacy, semi-privacy, picket style or scalloped.

• Vinyl Fence – One of the best attributes of vinyl is that it is virtually maintenance free. The coloring will never fade or need to be painted over. Vinyl is also a great choice when constructing railings on your front porch steps.

• Ornamental Steel or Aluminum Fence – Ornamental fences have a very classical look to them. These were the typical fencing of choice used for the homes of the wealthy during the Renaissance and Victorian era. Ornamental fences are very sturdy and also enhance the property’s visual appeal.

The same materials for the fencing can also be used to construct rails for stairways and balconies. This not only adds additional aesthetics but also improves safety.

Whether you need an electronic gate for security reasons or want to have a fence erected on your private property, Security Access Controls & Fence is a company that provides access gates and fencing installations for residential homes, schools, parks and industrial property. Its range of service also includes preventative maintenance, repairs and emergency services especially when it comes to technical issues with an electronic gate.

A gate and a fence are two things that make a home or facility more complete. Let a professional perform the installation for your property.

Security Access Controls & Fence provides installation of access entry gates and electronic driveway gates for residential and commercial property.

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