Black Copy Services Shares Insider Secrets To Finding The Right Printing Company

By: ericj637
February 14, 2013 at 11:47 am

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Sometimes, finding a company that offers copying services with quality customer care and affordable prices seems impossible. Often, customers are left to “do it themselves” with a big name corporation, or they are stuck in the situation of paying outrageous prices for personal assistance. Black’s Copy Services integrates the two philosophies of affordability and unbeatable customer service and makes cheap color copies available, while taking care of every step of the process.

Since 1969, Black’s has been serving Miami’s legal, medical, and business communities with care and precision. They understand the importance of each and every document and offer a variety of photocopy services to meet their customers’ needs. Each service is accompanied by free pickup, delivery, and rush service.

Perhaps one of their most commonly demanded services is the document scanning service. This process consists of the converting of physical documents to digital images in typically PDF or TIFF file formats. Between the everyday use of computers, cell phones, e-readers, etc., society is moving almost entirely into the digital world. Stacks of paper and the clutter they cause are not suitable for a professional environment. Digital documents save time when compared to physical documents, as searching for a file on a computer is much easier than sifting through thousands of papers.

Companies can send their files to Black’s Copy Services, and Black’s will then take care of disassembling any staples or fasters, and will scan and index each document while closely monitoring the process to ensure quality. Black’s can then restore the physical documents to their original condition or they can shred them.

Black’s copying service is almost identical to the document scanning service with the exception that hard copies are produced, instead of digital images. Many people struggle with finding a company that offers quality color copies cheap, but Black’s photocopying services ensures the customer that both affordability and quality are in fact possible and important.

Black’s Copy Services also takes care of specialty documents, such as X-rays or any type of oversized documents, like blueprints. The company can perform a film-to-film copy for X-rays, or alternatively, they can scan the X-ray and make it digitally accessible. Blueprints can also be copied or scanned, and they are always done with precision due to the subtle lines and details.

When searching for a company to perform copying services, Black’s Copy Services is the place that can efficiently do the work needed at an affordable price.

Serving Miami’s legal and business community since 1969, Black’s is a document and media duplication company specializing in paper and digital formats, high-volume document scanning, OCR, large-size, X-Ray, and VHS-to-DVD conversions.

Blacks Copy Services
19 W Flagler St
Miami, FL 33130

Black’s Copy Services
4699 Ponce De Leon Blvd.
Coral Gables, FL 33146

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