ANISAN Technologies Announces New Green IT Course for Professionals

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March 4, 2013 at 11:44 am

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ANISAN Technologies is a leader in providing high tech IT solutions to companies around the world. The firm also is known for its vast array of career and analyst training courses which provide professionals with the advanced learning they need in order to stay current in the jobs or secure new roles steps up the career ladder.

In keeping with all of the training that ANISAN Technologies provides, Director Sandhya Jane is proud to announce an expansion of those training courses to now include the new Green IT Course.

As we all know, green, sustainable and eco-friendly are all some of the biggest buzzwords in Business right now. And with many information technology, project management and consulting jobs looking to gain a competitive edge, green technologies and management with keeping the environment in mind are growing in leaps and bounds.

ANISAN Technologies hopes to be able to now provide one of the best green information technology courses available on the market today. Within the course, information technology professionals are given between two and five days, depending on the course, to learn about the information provided.

This course will allow professionals from a variety of fields in consulting, management, project and technology related jobs to better have the skills to understand and provide Analysis for their companies on how they can work to become more environmentally friendly, yet still stay profitable at the same time.

Some of the specific content this Green IT course will provide include information such as: The Need for Green Technology, Power Management, Ecycling, and The Financial Case for Green Technology. Each of these modules will be able to provide essential training and information to participants in order to allow them to go back to their organizations and start implementing changes right away.

This is just the latest in a string of training courses provided by ANISAN Technologies, a company that is recognized for providing innovative training solutions. Employees trained by ANISAN Technologies will be able to contribute immediately in the workplace and provide their employers with comprehensive and qualitative solutions to their problems right away.

Like the other courses that ANISAN Technologies offers on it’s site and from its home offices in New Jersey and Mumbai, students who complete the training sessions in the Green IT course will be able to completely understand the impact that the changing environmental standards and regulations around us are going to have on businesses into the future.

The smart firms are taking the time now to have their employees completely understand what the new future of green and environmentally friendly operations are going to look like. This will allow business and IT analysts to be able to understand the new costs of doing business including thinking about ways that are going to effect the environment, but also knowing exactly how to fit in the right cost structures as well.

This training will arm businesses with the most high tech tools to be able to bring in cost saving measures on highly rated environmentally positive programs.

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