The Brand New 2013 Range of VW Beetles offer; Fantastic Leasing Deals

By: douglas62
December 4, 2012 at 11:53 am

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The Beetle seems to have been around for ever. And as the 2013 range is released onto the scene it is worth reflecting a bit on the Beetles history. It was in fact 80 years ago that Hitler commissioned Ferdinand Porche to design a people’s car, that had 5 seats, cruise at 100kph (60mph), achieve a consumption of 7liters /100km (32mg) and cost less than 1000 Reichsmarks.

After a few fits and starts the actual first production cars came into being in 1938. It was one of the first cars ever to be checked in a wind tunnel and taking aerodynamics into account in it’s design. The shape was distinctly that of the Beetle. During the war years production was diverted into the Kubelwagen which was the equivalent of the German Jeep.

After the war the British army, and specifically a Major Hirst was instrumental in saving the factory and getting the British army to place an order for 20,000 units, some of which went back to the UK after the war. The German Post Office also ordered some and this enabled the factory to carry on and survive until 1848 when policies changed and VW became an important part of the German recovery.

The first few imported to the US in 1949 were slow sellers, In fact it was only in the mid 1950s that the Beetle in the US, now including a synchromesh gearbox and better padded seats as well as some bright colors began to sell.

The engine itself was a wonder of reliability and efficiency. The Box engine with its flat, opposing four cylinder air cooled engine survived with a few modifications and updates to the end of the 1970′s when the VW Golf replaced it. The Beetle remained in production until 1998 in Mexico.

The Beetle 2 came into being in 1997 Similar in shape to the old beetle but with a front wheel drive front mounted water cooled engine. This, with face lifts is the highly successful and popular beetle in production today.

The 2013 range, on offer by New Jersey VW, includes 4 models;

The lowest in the range of superior cars has a 2.5 l, 170hp engine17 inch alloy wheels and can be had with a 5 speed gearbox or with Automatic Transmission plus many other features. The next step up includes all the features from the lower model but with 18″ Alloys, an integrated Satellite Navigation system and a power sliding sunroof.

The next 2 models have all the features of the 2.5l models but have a 2.0l Tdi turbocharged engine with an intercooler and a 6 speed gearbox (Auto also an option and there is yet a model above this with the sunroof and the Satnav as well as Leather upholstery.)

This VW Beetle TDI in NJ is on special leasing offer from Douglas VW in Summit New Jersey which has a large range of superior VWs both new and use on sale. The Lease offer is particularly good at an affordable monthly payment for 42 months with no deposit. For more details please visit

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